• How does your free VPN browser work?

Once you go online using our browser the internet connection is established between your internet service provider and our internet service provider. Everything you do online is ‘encrypted’ and essentially anonymous; anyone trying to break into your internet connection to steal your data (e.g. on public Wifi networks) will not be able to because your web traffic is securely hidden. Websites you visit, usernames and passwords used to login to websites, people you talk to online, and files you download and share will be out of sight by third-parties trying to monitor your online usage and potentially steal sensitive information from you.

  • Will my traffic be securely hidden?

Not only is your online traffic anonymized, your online identity in the form of an ‘IP address’ is also hidden. Your IP address is essentially your ‘online fingerprint’ and identification to the rest of the online world. Your IP address can tell people and websites your physical location and which internet service provider you are using. You wouldn’t show your identity to a random person in the street, so why would you reveal your online identity and location to potentially millions of online strangers? Our free VPN browser is very easy to use, while VPN encryption may sound complicated to some people, you do not need technical knowledge to anonymize your online traffic and protect your online identity. All you need to do is install our browser and use it same as you would use Internet Explorer or Chrome.


  • What is the difference between a web proxy and a VPN browser?

A VPN browser will automatically anonymously encrypt your entire internet connection and as such all applications on your computer will be secured, whereas with a web proxy you will need to configure certain applications manually (such as your web browser). Free VPN browser uses much stronger encryption methods and is therefore considered extreamly secure comparing to web proxies.

  • Will a VPN browser be slower than any other browser?

There are a number of factors that will determine the speed you get with a VPN browser. The most obvious factor is your internet speed to begin with, and the distance between your physical location and the location of our VPN server nodes. The closer you are to our VPN server locations, there is less chance you’ll experience speed loss.

  • What will my ISP see when I’m connected to your VPN?

Your ISP will only see a secured encrypted connection to one of our remote VPN servers. They won’t be able to recognise your online activities and make sense of your internet traffic.

  • Will I need to register once the Free VPN Browser is installed?

No, absolutely not. We will not ask any of your personal details at any stage. Once the VPN Browser is installed you will be able to use it instantly without any registration whatsoever.

  • Can it be used on Mac as well as Windows?

Free VPN Browser can be used on any of the operating systems – Windows, Mac, Linux. There are no restrictions to the operating systems you want to run it on.

  • Are mobile applications available as well?

Yes, Free VPN Browser is currently available as a free application for Android only and we are developing same free application for Iphone.