Woogamble VPN setup on Mac

How to configure your Mac for Woogamble VPN on 2 steps:

1. Step

You should register on Woogamble this will allow you to download the application and you will receive an additional bonus on casino games. Use the following link:

Please, enter the correct e-mail adress!


Thank you for your registration!

2. Step

You have to download the Tunnelblick, so follow this link https://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/

3. Step

Install Tunnelblick regarding instructions from https://code.google.com/p/tunnelblick/wiki/cInstall

When you see the following screen choose “I have configuration files” button.

On the next screen press "Tunnelblick VPN Configuration(s)" button

The next stage is confirming

Finally Tunnelblick is installed.

4. Step

Open your email that is used while registration and check you receive letter with credentials and configuration file. Save attached file on disk.

5. Step

To use received Woogamble configuration double-click on the configuration file and follow instructions:

6. Step

After configuration installed you will see Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar.

Click on it and chose connect Woogamble VPN

Enter you username and password

And if login succeeded you will see icon changed

Lets rock - secure and fast !